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As ALIS we manufacture and supply bathroom textiles, room textiles, restaurant textiles, piques, hand towels, bath towels, foot towels, towels, beach towels, bathrobes, waistcloths, bed linings, beddings, pillow cases, pillows, quilts, undersheets, pique bathrobes, table cloths, table napkins, runners, skirts, restaurant table cloths, restaurant table napkins, restaurant skirts, bathroom textile, room textile, restaurant textile, pique, hand towel, bath towel, foot towel, towel, beach towel, bathrobe, waistcloth, bed lining, bedding, pillow case, pillow, quilt, undersheet, pique bathrobe, table cloth, table napkin, runner, skirt, restaurant table cloth, restaurant table napkin, restaurant skirt... ALIS TEKSTIL has manufactured hotel textile products for 21 years in Denizli. Our product range consists of towel, bed sheets, bedlinen, pillow, quilt, undersheet, pique, table cloth and napkin. Manufacturing of about all these products from buying yarns, quality control to packaging steps are realized by our company and therefore we keep our quality standards and can develop them year by year. For the sake of example: We have a textile machine which weaves fabric for pillow cover. Width, warping and compactness of weaving machine harrow is always stable. Considering drawing values of fabric from width and length, pillow cover are sewed as suitable as 50x70 cm sizes after washing. Caps are 20 cm in standard sizes. Pillow covers with 15 cm caps are left a side as second quality product. Like on this example, fabrics are weaved in 6 different width in each fabric groups; different for single and double bedlinen, different for single and double bed sheets, different for pillow covers. If we dont make this, it is impossible to catch and keep standards on these products. In many of the hotels some of the basic problems which you can encounter with, are undersheets which can not cover up the bed, pillow caps which can not cover up pillow, quilts which overflow from bedlinens. And at the result of these problems, hotel quality is affected negatively. ALIS Tekstil works as a solution partner of costumers. It works service focused instead of sales focused. Preferences whcich will decrease the cost, always take care of quality in all manufacturing steps because of affecting directly exposure quality and exposure time. Just as the main fact which will determine the quality of building is the quality of concrete and reinforcement bars, so quality of fabric is basicly yarns which compose fabrics. The quality of yarn which is used in weaving, the quality of cotton which compose that yarn, weaving tidiness, dyeing and finishing quality create total quality for fabrics and fabric-made products. %50-60 of the cost for a towel or bedsheet which sells for 100 tl, is yarn. So %10 decreasing on yarn quality and price which is used on weaving decreases %6 the price of product and till %20 the exposure date. Producst which are used at the most in hotel, are textile products in all period of a day. We always stand closely to textile products in restaurants, beaches, bathroom, bedroom. ALIS Tekstil continues to give services with this quality concepts and principles for tourism industry which is considered as a showroom of our country for abroad. For better, more qualified, happier future....

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